Legal Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free Every Day

The Internet offers endless options when it comes to visual content. And movies aren’t the exception. There are many websites and platforms to choose from where people go to relax with an interesting flick or an episode of a TV show. However, not all of them are the same.

It’s crucial for users to look for legal websites and legal ways for streaming and watching. This means that everything is lawful and doesn’t harm the experience nor the copyrights. Let’s see which ways you can use for free every day.


Maybe the easiest and most efficient way to watch movies online is through trusted websites. There are a lot of them out there, but you should make sure the one you pick is a hundred percent legal.

Firstly, they should be legit with actual movies or TV shows ready to be streamed or downloaded. Users should be able to see them on the homepage or when they access the tabs. Then, if they contain ads (and most of them do), they should be from verified sources. No matter how much promotional content appears on the website, the ads shouldn’t be harmful to your device in any way. That’s how you’ll recognize which sites are safe to use.

One of them is Ovoo, for instance. It doesn’t require a registration and gives people a chance to get to the movies or episodes they like and watch them in a great quality. That is entirely free and with no dangerous ads.

ovooCan I Stream It?

This is a completely free service that helps you find legit and legal movies online. Before visiting a bunch of movie websites and researching whether they’re working according to the law, users can go to Can I Stream It.

More precisely, this service searches through the vast library of online movies and tells you where you can watch without any issues. Note that not all movies will be free, but you can go and watch the ones that are.

Aside from this, Can I Stream It provides an email option so that they can send you an email once a movie you like becomes available for streaming.

Hoopla Digital

Another interesting way to find legal movies online is Hoopla Digital. Actually, it’s connected to the library so that everyone who owns a library card could borrow a movie. Just check whether your library approves Hoopla.

The service presents a huge number of videos, letting people choose what to watch by themselves. They can be reached on your computer, or on your Smartphone and tablet. There’s even an app available on the App Store and Google Play.

But the library decides how many movies one can borrow per month.


Hulu is one of the bigger websites that let viewers watch movies legally and for free through their services.

The site has partnered with a lot of networks, enriching its library with movies and shows that you can stream for free. You’ll encounter both the most recent ones as well as older content.


In a nutshell, watching movies online can be quite dangerous if the site or platform you’re using isn’t completely safe and appears shady. If you aren’t sure about it, probably there is something wrong with its legal status. That is why you should always look for ones whose movies are displayed clearly, are easily accessible, and have only a few ads that are harmless. What’s more, you should spot the words that say that it’s legal and examine the page where that aspect is described in detail.